What do you prey for

Prayer for Yourself: Prayers are the best way to connect with the divine. It soothes you and refills you with a new energy. Prayers help you live life with a new perspective. Take some time out and request a prayer for yourself.

Prayer for a Spouse: Your spouse is the better half in your life. They stand by you through all your ups and downs in and share all your happy and sad moments. If you are worried about your spouse, request a prayer for him or her.

Prayer for Parent: A parent is very important in your life with whom you spend some wonderful moments. To show your parent that you care, send them a prayer

Prayer for Relationship/Marriage: Everyone wants to be loved by someone else who cherishes them in all ways and is their soul mate. .

Prayer for a Family: Family can help you go through anything in life. You laugh with them; you cry with them, you cannot do without them. Request a prayer for your family member.

Prayer for a Pet:Animals are a person’s best friend. They can help you when you are lonely. With time our pets become a part of your family. You start caring for them just like any other family member. If your pet is in need, look for a prayer for your loving companion animal.

Prayer for a Friend: Prayer for a friend, coworker or associate.

Prayer for Country: Are you patriotic? Do you have a love for your country and will do anything for it? Then say a prayer for your country and the leaders who guide us all.

Prayer for Mother Earth: We all live on this wonderful planet Earth. Mother Nature takes care of all of us and provides everything that we need to lead a comfortable life. So, we can also spend some time praying for her well being too.

Prayer for Non-Christian: Who says that prayers are meant for a particular section of the society? Each one of us can pray for our near and dear ones regardless of their faith. So, what are we waiting for?

Prayer for Employment: One cannot absolutely do without a job in today’s life. A job helps you live your life and pays for your lifestyle. If you are also in need of a job, promotion or raise, then request a prayer for it.

Prayer for Finance: Finances are an important part of your life. Each one of us struggle with them in our life. Prayer may help you handle them better.

Prayer for a House: A house is a place where we feel comfortable the most. Each one of us struggle in our lives, work hard to earn a roof over our heads. A house of your own gives you a sense of security in this big world. A prayer for your house or to buy a new house can be found here.